Essay Project

We invite you to submit a short, personal essay concerning mental health and its impact on your life.  This writing piece can reflect a personal experience or your experience with a family member or a friend.

Submitted essays will be posted anonymously to our website:  A subset of essays will be read aloud (and taped) at the Belmont Media Center at a later date.

The purpose of this endeavor is to begin a conversation about mental health issues and to let people know that they are not struggling alone.  We would like to come together to share these experiences and to address this topic as a community.

Submissions are due by Friday, February 24 at midnight.

We welcome all stories: sad, happy, funny, scary, angry, contemplative, whatever.We want all formats: anecdotes, poems, speeches, blog posts, conversations, interviews, etc. Really, absolutely any format is acceptable.
Your experience matters to us – write it down and send it in!

Essay Guidelines: 1-2 pages, double-spaced, 12-14 font, about 600-800 words. Note:  We will edit pieces that are too long.

All submissions will be kept strictly confidential. Your anonymity is guaranteed.

We understand that some of you may be slightly apprehensive about submitting a writing piece from your personal email address. Therefore, we have created a form that you can use to send us your submission. The form asks for a writer’s code. Just make up any 6-digit number and input it in the designated field. Do keep this code! After we choose a subset of essays, we will post the codes that have been chosen so that you will know if your essay will appear in the show.

Once you’ve written your essay:

  1. Open the link below**
  2. Input the required information (the 6-digit code number that you make up)
  3. attach/upload your essay (it will be sent to us completely anonymously)

There will be absolutely nothing linking your name to your submission.

** Please use this link to submit your essay.  Again, an email address is not required.

Essay Writing Tips:
– Don’t approach it like an academic essay.
– Write it as if you’re telling your story to somebody.
– Be as open and honest as you are comfortable being.


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